We all probably came across this famous quote by Theodore Roosevelt: “Comparison is the thief of joy.” In times of social media, it has never been easier to compare yourself to others. Seeing what others have and how they basically are gives us the impression that certain expectations have to be met, like earning a certain amount of money or looking in a specific way to be considered successful and happy. However, by giving in to the trap that is called self comparison, we start having doubts about ourselves and our way of living life.

I know it’s really hard not to compare yourself with others, but we need to remind ourselves that first of all, social media is just showcasing people’s highlight reel and is certainly not real life. Therefore, don’t beat yourself up over what you see online. Secondly, we are all beautiful and unique in our own way. We are all more than good enough. I’ve come up with a few tips that have helped me overcome my negative thoughts caused by self comparison.

  1. Practice Gratitude

You become what you consistently practice! Show some compassion for yourself by appreciating how far you have come already. Focusing on yourself and on gratitude will make you realize that there are many things to be thankful for and will definitely push the negativity away. Starting a gratitude journal where you write daily down what you are thankful for, might be a good way to develop a positive mindset.

  1. Compete with Yourself Instead of Others

I highly recommend starting a journal because it has helped me to put things into perspective. When you focus on your goals and you visualize them by writing them on paper, you’ll see how much you have grown and learned over time. It has definitely made me appreciate my own journey more.

  1. Turn Comparison into Motivation

Instead of feeling bad about your shortcomings, use other people’s success stories as an inspiration to become the best version you could possibly become. By changing your perspective, it opens you up to new possibilities of what you can be.

  1. Be Your Own Best Friend

How would you react if your best friend is really upset about his or her career, appearance or love life? What would you tell him or her? Most likely you would try to cheer him or her up and remind him or her what an amazing person he or she is and just comfort him or her by saying encouraging words. Why would you treat yourself differently than your best friend? Be that best friend to yourself in moments of crisis, too!