Philippine Poem
Filipinos are creative, clever and smart. There are many poetic Filipino who still exist right now who had been writing poem for special purposes. Philippine poem were all started during ancient national heroes. Many Filipino heroes knew how to composed poems with depth meaning on it. Filipino heroes like Dr. Jose Rizal had written numerous poems with the topics more on his dearly loved country—Philippines.
Poems in the Philippines are countless since there are many writers of poem in the Philippines. Most of the approved poems are now published in through internet and school magazines or even books. Philippine poem will be created by writers with special meaning on it. Mostly, poem writer will write poems based on what they think or to the person or things they loved to write. Once a Filipino poem writer likes to write on a certain topic, they can write continuously since their minds are already full with right words just to come up and complete the poem.
Philippine rhyme or poems can be either Tagalog or English language. But Jose Rizal also wrote Spanish poems which are still available in books in libraries or national bookstore. In order to make Filipinos understood what Dr. Jose Rizal poems was all about; it has been translated into English and Tagalog. Dr. Jose Rizal has an imaginative brain so he had composed different kinds of poems with different titles. His poems are dedicated to his own country Philippines, his town, his friends, motherland, to Maria Clara, Josephine as well as to Virgin Mary.

Lists of Top Poems composed by Jose Rizal of the Philippines

 Last Poem of Rizal
To The Philippines
 Our Mother Tongue
 Memories Of My Town
 Hymn To Labor
 A Poem with no title
Song Of Maria Clara
To The Philippine Youth
To Josephine
 Education Gives Luster To The Motherland
 To The Virgin Mary

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